Why Raccoon Exclusion Is Important To Keep Your House Raccoon-Free
Raccoon exclusion might appear like a very difficult thing to do especially with these hasty animals that trespass in your homes in the blink of an eye. Many people have come up with failing measures on raccoon exclusion like keeping their doors, windows, gates, and other openings tightly closed and locked but these smart creatures always seem to find their way inside their houses. There are countless measures that can be implemented for raccoon exclusion.
Since raccoons are skilled climbers, one of the most important things you should do is to cut down any type of tool that this animal can climb onto. Raccoon exclusion entails cutting down branches of trees that tend to bridge the gap from the tree to your houses roof top, making it easy for raccoons to enter your homes. You may also opt to use electrical fencing and porcupine wires in enclosing your homes to prevent these trespassers from intruding into your space. However this must be utilized cautiously to protect the people that enter and leave your domestic units.
Since raccoons are medium-sized animals, usually 3 feet long, they can easily enter vents that eventually lead to the interiors of your house. They can effortlessly fit into spaces that are 2.5 inches in width and 4 inches in height. Raccoon exclusion should be done by excluding these vents to avoid intrusions and possible damages that may be caused by these raccoons. 
Raccoon exclusion is also achieved by covering all the possible openings that can be inhabited by these strong and witty creatures. Waste bins must be sealed all the time and chimneys must be covered with chimney caps during all seasons. This will not only keep the raccoons out of the house but also prevent un-welcome births of baby raccoons inside these unexpected denning areas.
Raccoon exclusion is very important to avoid any future intrusion of this swift and mischievous animal. Properly closing every opening of your house will surely make raccoon exclusion a success and at the same time prevent more and more raccoons from inhabiting in your homes. Early raccoon exclusion is also a sure way of preventing these animals from breaking anything in your homes and transmitting any unwanted diseases to the people who live in it.
raccoon_in_attic004003.png Raccoons in Attic