Raccoon Damage: Early Detection and Signs
Raccoon damage is inevitable when these ill-behaved pests intrude your house. Some breakages are irreparable or that its complete restoration goes with a hefty price tag. The reason behind this is due to a raccoon’s natural behavior to destroy anything that it may come across.
Raccoon damage is evident in houses and lawns. Spotting a raccoon within your vicinity is the first thing that you must do to prevent further raccoon damage in your property. The most basic way to recognize the existence of these striped and furry animals is the presence of their footprints. A raccoon’s footprint is not hard to miss because of its uniqueness. It has five long toes that are almost equidistant to each other and the front foot is smaller than its hind foot. Other than their footprints, raccoon damage may be indicated through misplaced furniture, shattered or shredded pieces of objects scattered in your home, waste bins lying across your pavement, and destroyed flower and vegetable gardens. For damages on your home you may see insulation on the ground, damaged gable vents, soffits, and facia. Once raccoon damage has become visible, you must do every possible means to get rid of this troublesome animal to prevent further destruction of your property. As common as these damages may seem, there are ways to detect whether the destruction of a property is because of a raccoon.
Raccoons damage people’s homes by climbing into chimneys especially during springtime when chimneys are not used and covered. Raccoon damage becomes evident in chimneys because these animals use it as an alternative to hollow tree trunks where they can nest their young. If intrusion is more difficult than expected, these stubborn animals can cause raccoon damage by destroying facia boards and shingles in order to gain entrance in attics. The exteriors of your homes are not spared from raccoon damage. Raccoons are very attracted to sweet corn. Raccoon damage in cornfields may be detected when there are broken corn stalks due to climbing, pulled back husks, and bitten off ears. These vicious pests are also wise.
Raccoon damage is sometimes insurmountable because this animal will finish anything from roof tiles and garbage to nuts and fish. They are extremely good with their hands that they can unfasten latches, open bottles, and un-wrap foils in trash cans.
raccoon_in_attic005003.png Raccoons in Attic